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Premium AR coated &  metallized Glass / UV Quarts windows

High-Transmittance & Perfect Hermetic performance optical glass / UV quarts windows

BK33 optiOptical AF32 windows with AR coating and metallization

Material: Glass  (AF 32)

Size: :7 x 7 × 0.5 mm

AR Coating:  T/T >98.0%

                        @ 400 ~ 650 nm

                        T/T >98.0%

                        @ 800 ~ 900 nm

Metallization: Cr: 50~70nm

                          Cu: 1.8um

                          Ni: 2um  

                          Au ≥ 1um

Adhesion according to MIL-M-13508C solderable, final gold layer

C-axis precision:±3°

BK33 optical windows with AR coating and metallization

Material: Glass ( BK33 ) 

Size: :30 x 130 × 1.5 mm

AR Coating: Tavg>98.5%


Dielectric:    Ta5O2  50nm

                       SiO2 85nm      

Metallization: Cr: 70~100nm

                          Ni: 400~500nm

                          Au: 400~500nm

Surface quality:MIL-PRF-13830B                                          40/20

Can be patterned on AR coating

UV Quarts
UV quarts optical window with AR coating and metallization

Material: Ultra-Violet Quartz

Size: :6.5x6.5×0.5 mm

AR Coating:


Metallization: Cr: 70~100nm

                          Ni: 300~400nm

                          Au: 200nm

Surface quality:  MIL-PRF-13830B                                         60/40

Silicon Window
Optical silicon windows  with AR coating and metallization

Material: Silicon

Size: :φ18x1.0 mm

AR Coating:  

Tmin≥95% @3 ~ 5 um

Tavg≥98% @ 3 ~ 5 um

Metallization: Cr: 50~70nm

                          Ni ≥ 0.1μm  

                          Au ≥ 0.2μm

Surface quality:  MIL-PRF-13830B                                         60/40

Applications of the AR-coated and hermetic glass windows 

AR coated glass windows have transformed multiple industries by enhancing visibility, improving light transmission, and reducing unwanted reflections. From architectural marvels to automotive safety, from electronic devices to scientific instruments, AR coatings have become integral in providing optimal visual experiences. Their ability to enhance clarity, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal makes them a versatile choice for applications ranging from everyday products to cutting-edge technologies. As advancements continue in AR coating technology, we can expect even broader applications and enhanced performance, further revolutionizing the way we see the world. M


GEM Optoelectronics provides AR-coated and metallized glass windows for hermetic soldering application and wide- wavelength range light transmission applications.

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