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TO CAN ( Transistor Outline)

Our facilities span over 220,000 square feet, providing ample space to meet various production requirements. With a comprehensive range of in-house capabilities, including optical coating, metalization, plating, etching, lithography, wire bonding, and more, we offer a seamless production process.

At GEM Optoelectronic, we take pride in delivering reliable mass production quality for a wide range of TO Caps and TO headers, including popular types such as TO-56, TO-52, TO-46, TO-5, TO-8, TO-9, TO-38, TO-39, and TO mini. We specialize in customizing TO caps with various window designs, including angel windows, tilt windows, wedge windows, and C-lens, L-lens, and aspherical TO options. The window material options include glass, sapphire, germanium, and silica. Additionally, we mass-produce TO headers to match different types of TO caps with 3-pin, 5-pin, 7-pin, 9-pin configurations, and more.

When it comes to AR coating, we offer a wide range of options covering a spectrum from 0.2 um to 25 um, encompassing UV, IR, and visible wavelengths, ensuring optimal performance in diverse applications.


To provide exceptional customer service, our team is available 24/7, including weekends, enabling quick turn-around times and fast order delivery for a seamless experience."

TO52,TO46, TO8, TO39, TO5

Wavelength range: 0.2 um ~ 25 um   

Material: Kovar (4J50, 4J29), Alloy 48

               D263T, K9, BK33, Sapphire, Germanium

Type:      TO-56, TO-52, TO-46, TO-5, TO-8, TO-9, TO-38,

               TO-39, TO mini, aspherical TO caps

Production capacity: 500,000 pieces / week

TO header

 Material: Base - Kovar/SPCC

                Lead - Kovar

                Sintering - Glass

Plating: Ni 2.0μm-7.0μm  Au 0.05μm-1.30μm


Insulation Resistance:1000 MΩ under DC100V

Production capacity: 100,000 pieces / week

High-frequency connectors

Material:  Base - Kovar

                Lead - Kovar

                Sintering - Glass

Plating: Ni 2.0μm-7.0μm  Hard Au 0.5μm  Soft Au 1.27μm

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio:1.1

Insulation resistance>500MΩ

Dielectric strength>350V

Characteristic Impedance:50Ω(nominal value)

Frequency Range:10GHz-15GHz

Production capacity: 100,000 pieces / week

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