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Realize "RGB+IR+Depth" camera with holographic imaging technology

Israeli holographic imaging camera developer PxE Holographic Imaging (abbreviation: PxE) recently announced the completion of a $5.4 million seed round of financing led by KDT-Koch Disruptive Technologies and M Ventures (Merck’s venture capital arm). The latest funding round, combined with previous initial pre-seed investment from M Ventures, and several non-dilutive grants, brings the company’s total funding since inception to $6.5 million.

PxE's holographic imaging technology can capture high-resolution color images combining infrared images and pixel-level depth maps in a single snapshot, which is three times more sensitive to light than standard cameras. Compared to other complex, power-hungry, and poor depth-capable 3D imaging solutions, PxE's passive white-light holography solution can provide highly accurate depth data at distances ranging from microns to hundreds of meters. PxE's holographic imaging camera is based on a standard CMOS image sensor combined with a layer of holographic optical elements. Its captured holographic images are decoded in real-time by PxE's proprietary fully deterministic algorithm, which has a computational footprint similar to a standard camera's image signal processing (ISP).

PxE's pilot customers include leading companies in consumer electronics, wearables, aerospace, and semiconductors, demonstrating the broad applicability of its technology. PxE will use the seed funding to work closely with customers to further product development, with the goal of achieving the first mass-market product validations in 2025.

PxE Holographic Imaging was founded in 2019 by CEO Yoav Berlatzky and CTO Yanir Hainick. Yanir Hainik graduated from the famous "Talpiot" program, which is a cooperation between the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Hebrew University, and selects the best high school students for elite training every year.

Automotive application of PxE technology, RGB+infrared (IR)+depth camera for ultimate environment perception

Consumer applications of PxE technology, RGB + infrared (IR) + depth camera, facing the integration challenges of the ultimate system

Yoav Berlatzky said: "We are excited to be working with outstanding investors such as KDT and M Ventures to reinvent digital imaging and sensing. This round of financing allows us to accelerate the pace of progress and work with more customers to enhance PxE cameras." functionality into their products.”

Isaac Sigron, general manager of Koch Disruptive Technologies, commented: "Since the invention of the digital camera, the imaging market has not seen a breakthrough change for a long time. PxE's holographic imaging technology can be used in the same way as standard CMOS image sensors without compromising image quality. Adding depth and infrared capabilities at a lower cost and size has the potential to disrupt the imaging market. We are excited to partner with Yoav and Yanir and help them create a new category-defining leader.”

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