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TO-46 widely used in Telecommunication Industry

TO-46 is a transistor case package often used in telecommunication industry. GEM Optics provide high volume TO-46 flat window, TO-46 wedge window and TO-46 ball lens window. TO-46 packages were commonly used in telecommunication applications for small signal transistors. These transistors were often used in low power amplifiers, oscillators, and switching circuits in telecommunication equipment such as transceivers, Mems-min Variable Optical Attenuator(VOA), Optical Switch, Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly (TOSA), Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly(ROSA), Vertical-cavity Surface-emitting Laser (VCSEL), Radio frequency identification (RFID) devices or in high-frequency oscillator circuits and data transmission devices. They are relatively small and can be easily mounted on a TO headers or Ceramic heatsink. However, their small size also limits the power handling capability of the transistor or chips inside. TO-46 packages typically have three leads, which are used for the emitter, base, and collector connections of the transistor. The leads are usually made of nickel-plated copper, and the package itself is made of Kovar 4J50.

In the past, TO-46 packages were popular in telecommunication applications because of their compact size, low cost, and good high-frequency performance. We can provide TO-46 package of 2.5G,5G,10G, 25G, etc. The TO-46 package also provides a small, hermetically sealed enclosure for the laser diode and other components, protecting them from environmental factors such as dust and moisture.

In TOSA assemblies, the laser diode in the TO-46 package is typically coupled with an optical fiber, which allows the optical signal to be transmitted over long distances. The TO-46 package may also include other components such as photodiodes or temperature sensors, which are used to monitor the performance and temperature of the laser diode.

In ROSA assemblies, the photodetector in the TO-46 package is typically coupled with an optical fiber, which allows the optical signal to be received and converted into an electrical signal. The TO-46 package may also include other components such as amplifiers or filters, which are used to process and amplify the electrical signal.

TO-46 packages are often preferred in optical switches due to their small size, low cost, and good high-frequency performance. They can be easily integrated into the overall switch assembly and offer good protection against environmental factors that may affect the performance of the optical components.

VCSELs are designed to emit light vertically from the surface of a semiconductor wafer. They consist of a thin semiconductor layer sandwiched between two mirrors, and are typically less expensive and easier to manufacture than traditional edge-emitting lasers.TO-46 packages can also be used in VCSELs which are a type of semiconductor laser used in a variety of applications including optical communication, optical sensing, and laser printing.

The small size of the TO-46 package also allows it to be easily integrated into VCSEL arrays, which are used in high-speed data communication applications. Additionally, the package may include other features such as a lens or a window to facilitate efficient coupling of the optical signal into a fiber optic cable or other optical component. Our TO Cans can help your applications have best performance. We can design the spectrum according to your requirements with various materials, such as glass, sapphire, germanium, fused silica, quartz, etc. Please contact with us for your coming project.

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