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TO Can (Transistor Outline) are used in single-mode VCSEL array with a transmission distance of 5 km

GEM Optics has released a new TO (Transistor Outline) in 1060 nm for the single-mode VCSEL array with a transmission distance of 5 km. The VCSEL array, based on a PPR lateral resonant cavity called PRP photon resonance, was published by the Tokyo Institute of Technology. There are two optimized solutions this year: one is to modify the wavelength from 850 nm to 1060 nm, and the other is to change the light direction from the surface to the bottom substrate. These two solutions are almost the same thing, as the purpose of the wavelength change is to change the light direction as well.

Fig. 1 1060 nm VCSEL in TO Package with TEC

Changing to bottom emission can further optimize the relationship between the current-limiting hole and the junction capacitance, reduce the RC constant, and improve the bandwidth. The RF wire is located on the surface of the wafer, and the luminous position is on the bottom surface. The optical path and the electrical RF path cannot interfere with each other, achieving the optimal solution.

There are two ways to emit light at the bottom of the substrate: one is to replace a transparent substrate, and the other is to choose a new wavelength, such as 990 nm, 1015 nm, 1040 nm, and 1065 nm, which are longer than the absorption boundary wavelengths of GaAs and can be emitted by the substrate.

Fig. 2 1060 nm VCSEL

The solution at 1060 nm has less loss and less dispersion than that at 850 nm. SiO2/Ta2O2 is still selected as the grating. 10 pairs of the top grating achieve 99.96% reflectivity, 22 pairs of traditional AIAs/GaAs grating at the bottom achieve 99.25% reflectance, and the top pelectronde at the same time as the transverse PPT cavity enhances the bandwidth.

Due to the emission path interference caused by multi-mode, the phenomenon of a low-range bandwidth product appears. The high-order modes of VCSEL are filtered to become single-mode, and the transmission distance is extended to 5 km with single-mode multi-core fiber. The threshold current is 0.6 mA, the 5.2 mA output power is 3 mW, and the forward voltage is 2.2 V.

GEM Optics provides the 1060 nm TO Can with more than 99.5% transmittance for VCSEL applications. GEM Optics offers customization options for your special requirements.

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