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Infrared thermal imaging unveiled at Auto Show

Recently, the world's first A-class auto show in 2023 - the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition kicked off. Raichuang micro-nano vehicle-mounted infrared thermal imaging perception system, infrared thermal imaging core/module, multi-dimensional perception system, etc. are all unveiled: Asens M6+, IR-Pilot equipped with the first domestic infrared thermal imaging chip that has passed AEC-Q100 automotive grade certification 640X and Horus 640 led the exhibition, and the IR-Pilot 1920X, the world's first 8μm 1920×1080 infrared thermal imaging chip, was also displayed on site.

Many companies has been deeply involved in the field of vehicle-mounted infrared thermal imaging for many years. It is a pioneer in the domestic automotive infrared market and has actively promoted the application of infrared thermal imaging in the automotive industry for many years. In the field of vehicle-mounted infrared, Micro-Nano has made continuous breakthroughs: released the world's first 8μm 1920×1080 infrared thermal imaging chip, the first domestic infrared thermal imaging chip that passed the AEC-Q100 automotive grade certification, passed the IATF16949 system certification, and participated in the automotive infrared thermal imaging chip. Drafting of national standards for imaging systems.

Vehicle-mounted infrared thermal imaging perception system

At this exhibition, as the world's first 8μm 1920×1080 infrared thermal imaging product, IR-Pilot 1920X has the characteristics of large area array high resolution, high-definition imaging, and long-distance detection, which can meet the higher needs of customers. IR-Pilot 640T uses a 10μm 640×512 uncooled infrared thermal imaging detector with a size of only 23×23×45mm. The product is compact and easy to install.

Asens series infrared cameras rely on the company's self-developed 12-micron uncooled infrared detector chip to overcome the industry's low-temperature difference imaging problem and provide infrared images with richer details, higher contrast, wider dynamic range, and stronger scene adaptability. Automatic correction algorithm provides clear and smooth image data. Asens M series products have won the designated projects of OEMs with the stability of vehicle specifications, and have withstood various tests in the actual project development to meet customer requirements. Asens F series products use fusion technology as a breakthrough to perform multi-sensor fusion and provide multi-dimensional perception capabilities.

Vehicle-mounted infrared thermal imaging core/module

At the exhibition site, the Horus640 vehicle-mounted infrared thermal imaging core made its debut. Horus640 integrates the second-generation self-developed ASIC chip, which is small in size, low in power consumption, light in weight, and low in cost. Sensor fusion; high-quality image processing algorithm, the details are more prominent. Tiny1-C integrates a self-developed infrared ISP dedicated chip, with a volume of only 13×13×8mm and a large field of view of 90°, which is more suitable for the integration of smart cockpit systems.

Multi-dimensional perception based on infrared thermal imaging

At present, many vehicle-mounted sensing products, such as single-infrared, dual-light fusion, and dual-infrared, have a resolution of 256, 384, 640, 1280, and 1920; combined with a large number of infrared data sets covering multiple regions, multiple seasons, and multiple scenarios , the self-developed infrared perception AI algorithm will widely meet the application requirements of automotive intelligent driving, automatic driving, intelligent cockpit and other fields.

Infrared thermal imaging accelerates "boarding":

A variety of models equipped with infrared thermal imaging made a big debut, helping safer and smarter all-weather driving. Xinxin Gem provides Germanium windows used in infrared thermal image.

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