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MEMS Scanning Mirror Adopted by TriLite

Recently, TriLite announced TDK as the latest member of its growing ecosystem of manufacturing partners. TDK, a global leader in electronic solutions for the smart society, will supply tiny MEMS scanning mirrors for TriLite's Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technology-based Trixel® 3 ultra-compact display, the world's smallest projection display.

With its revolutionary display technology that is compact, lightweight and bright and accurate, the award-winning Trixel® 3 ultra-compact display enables augmented reality (AR) solutions for a wide range of consumer electronics applications and makes smart glasses more accessible to the broad masses market.

Says TriLite: "Our technology allows OEMs to say goodbye to large, bulky and expensive display engines for headsets. TriLite uses a unique software-first architecture to create the world's smallest, lightest and brightest display engines." laser beam scanner. Our patented display technology overcomes previous display limitations to create the world's smallest projection display. This game-changing design unleashes the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (VR). into people's daily lives."

LBS-based Trixel® 3 vs. mLED/OLED vs. LCOS/DLP

TriLite is designed to maximize the use of standard components and equipment in its manufacturing ecosystem, with production processes optimized for large-scale manufacturing. Peter Weigand, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TriLite, said: "The TDK MEMS scanning mirror is a key component in ensuring that the Trixel 3 ultra-compact display meets best-in-class specifications in terms of brightness and size. We have established a full-fledged manufacturing service to meet customer requirements for high volume production requirements."

“Thanks to our tiny MEMS scanning mirror, the LBS-based Trixel 3 ultra-compact display offers bright, clear images in a small form factor,” said Markus Puff, Head of R&D Piezoelectric and Protection Devices at TDK in Deutschlandsberg, Austria. We are excited to bring our years of research in materials and processes, as well as our MEMS technology capabilities and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, to the TriLite partnership."

The Trixel 3 ultra-compact display sets a new standard for the industry by combining a light engine, 2D MEMS scanning mirror, and all other optical components in a module that weighs less than 1.5 grams and has a volume of less than 1 cubic centimeter. And, system integration is easy with the TriLite Calibration Module (TCM).

In addition to being ultra-compact and light and easy to use, Trixel 3 is also designed for mass production. It offers a bright display that is easy to read in direct sunlight, and its optimized light path requires no relay optics, further saving space and weight. Trixel 3's low system latency ensures that AR images blend naturally with the wearer's surroundings and spatial motion, enabling OEMs to deliver products that meet and exceed consumer expectations for AR.

About TriLite

TriLite designs and manufactures the world's smallest projection displays. The TriLite solution is driven by proprietary multi-parameter software and deploys advanced machine learning algorithms to enable laser beam scanners of unprecedented size, weight and image quality. Backed by strong investors, a distinguished team of multidisciplinary researchers and manufacturing experts has developed several patented technical solutions that are revolutionizing head-mounted displays. TriLite enables its customers to accelerate the availability of leading display solutions for mass-market augmented reality (AR) applications.

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