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The first optical sapphire window manufacture in China

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Sapphire windows with AR coating and metallization widely used in Telecommunication devices, Medical instruments, Laser lighting, Laser instruments etc.

Suzhou GEM Optoelectronic Co., Ltd was established in 2013 . Founded by Dr. Zhou and veterans in optical film industry. The company provide high-quality, cost effective optical windows, optoelectronic packaging components to the customers.

What do we have?

Suzhou GEM has more than 50,000 sqf manufacture. Their R&D team awarded three invention patents, 18 utility model patents and 7 software copyrights. The manufacture has 8 infrared vacuum coating machines, 2 metallization vacuum coating machines, 2 high-precision infrared spectrometers, 3 high precision imagers and high resolution 3D microscope etc.

What we can do?

Suzhou GEM can do AR coating, dielectric, metallization, lithography, dicing all in house. We can volume produce Sapphire windows, Infrared Windows. The capacity of Sapphire windows is more than 80,000 pcs /week and 50,000 pcs / week for Infrared windows.

Who we are service for?

We provide high volume sapphire windows for the golder box packaging used in telecommunication industry. Also we provide the sapphire windows for the laser lighting used in the Auto headlight industry and commercial lighting industry. Suzhou GEM produce more than 150,000 units Germanium windows for infrared focal plane detector used in security industry.

Contact with GEM for your projects?

Learn more about our capability and products, please visit our website

If you are interested in our products, please contact us

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